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There is endless business advice out there.

  • Think in "growth loops", not funnels
  • You need a freemium plan
  • Unlock negative churn

It's all fine advice, but it nearly always lacks a path forward. It lacks data.

On the other side, we have all heard the tales of businesses spending significant time and money for analytics initiatives that never provide business value. These initiatives fail for a varity reasons but it always boils down to it lacks an understanding of the business. It lacks a product growth mindset.

When a company gets this combination of analytics + business understanding right we cannot help but notice. Think of companies like Amazon and their incredible logistics or StitchFix being able to providie a personalized wardrobe for anyone. This combo is becoming accessible and it's spawning a whole class of calm profitable companies.

Let's keep spreading the joy.

Hi - I'm Mr. Ben
... but please, there is no need for the formality

Ben Wilson

I have served as a technical founder for a tech-enabled dog tag company, a due diligence analyst for a unicorn acquisition, and now a player in The Great Online Game. The thread that ties it all together is my curiousity in business and data.

This site is where you can learn from the fruits of my curiousity.

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